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Mission Statement:

Safe Haven Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating awareness and campaign against domestic violence through education and community consciousness. We also provide support and temporary shelter to victims of domestic violence and their children.


1 To create awareness and campaign against domestic violence by:

  • Conducting and disseminating research that will directly and indirectly provide persons experiencing violence in the home with a greater level of support and protection.
  • Actively fostering awareness among all sectors, both governmental and non-governmental, about the prevalence, causes and costs of domestic violence.
  • Carrying out programs that will aid in the rehabilitation of young persons with history of violence within their families.

2 Widen options for victims of domestic violence by:

  • Providing immediate safety and temporary shelter for domestic violence victims and their children.
  • Helping survivors of domestic abuse begin again by providing them with training that can help develop and (or) improve psychological and practical skills needed for increased self-sufficiency.
  • Contributing to improve legal recourse for victims of domestic, sexual and child abuse.
  • Assisting women, children, youth and men develop alternative ways of handling power and resolving conflict.
  • Providing comprehensive services for individuals and families experiencing domestic abuse and also provide advocacy within the legal and human services systems for any client/resident in need of such support. 


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“Domestic abuse thrives only in silence, we need to break that vicious circle of silence”