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  • Advocacy


    SHF fosters awareness among all sectors, both governmental and non-governmental, about the prevalence, causes and costs of domestic violence to the individual and society at large. We also carry out programs that will aid in the rehabilitation of young persons with history of violence within their families. We believe it is imperative to inculcate in young persons the ills of domestic violence and abusive relationships and we will achieve this through the establishment of domestic violence awareness clubs in primary and secondary schools. 

  • Counseling


    Domestic violence is an extremely traumatizing experience and the emotional scars associated with this abuse can often outlast the physical impact. Breaking the isolation of domestic violence by seeking counseling and support can help survivors to move forward. SHF will provide counseling sessions in a safe and confidential environment for survivors to express their feelings, thoughts and fears. SHF Counselors are nonjudgmental third-party advisors who listen and can help survivors work through the things that they are experiencing.

  • Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programs (DVPP)

    Domestic Violence Perpetrator Programs (DVPP):

    The vast majority of domestic violence perpetrators who abuse their partners stop their physical and sexual violence if they attend a domestic violence perpetrator programme, according to new research. SHF intends to develop re-education programmes for perpetrators to change their behavior in order to increase the safety of women and children. 

  • Legal Advice and Referral Services

    Legal Advice and Referral Services: 

    SHF offers referrals and community information to clients through our network with other service providers.

  • Research and Publication

    Research and Publication

    SHF is committed to researching all facets of domestic violence as it affects the family unit and society as a whole. These researches would cumulate in providing broad based policy guidelines for the implementation of programs and procedures that will directly and indirectly provide persons experiencing violence in the home with a greater level of support and protection. In addition, these researches shall be used to build upon the development of high quality services for women and children as well as promote informed training amongst key stakeholders.



  • Temporary Shelter

    Temporary Shelter: 

    The United Nations views the provision of shelter and other services as a critical part of states’ obligation to protect victims of violence. In addition, the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, for example, calls on governments to “provide well-funded shelters and relief support for girls and women subjected to violence, as well as medical, psychological and other counseling services and free or low-cost legal aid, where it is needed, as well as appropriate assistance to enable them to find a means of subsistence.” Where states have failed to ensure the availability of adequate services for victims of domestic violence, such services are generally provided by NGOs.

    In order to fill in this gap referred above, Safe Haven Shelter project will provide free temporary shelter for domestic violence victims for up to 30 days. For individuals suffering from domestic violence, calling for help may be one of the most difficult calls they ever make.  Yet, that phone call is only the beginning of the journey toward a violence free life.  Safe Haven Shelter will be that stepping stone between the life you want to leave behind and your hope for a new beginning. The shelter will offer comprehensive programs that include: Counseling, support groups, entrepreneurial skills, career counseling, life skills, legal advice and referral services and childcare. Safe Haven Shelter will be a source of hope for those in need of sanctuary from abusive situations.



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